Fitzroy Partnership for River Health

Providing a more complete picture of river health in the Fitzroy Basin

In 2012 the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health formed from a unique collective including mining, energy, agriculture, government, business and community organisations. Our vision is to provide a more complete picture of river health in the Fitzroy Basin. We have worked enthusiastically to realise this vision by developing and releasing three annual river health report cards and drinking water report cards. 

The Fitzroy Basin is one of the busiest industrial and agricultural hubs in Australia and, while vital to sustaining strong communities, this also has the potential to influence waterway health.  The Partnership has assessed more than 1.6 million sample results from over 200 monitoring sites across the rivers, estuary and adjacent Great Barrier Reef marine zone of the Fitzroy Basin. In doing so, we continue to steadily gain recognition for delivering comprehensive and trusted waterway health reports. Where there was once uncertainty, these reports now cast light on local waterway benchmarks and trends for our Basin.  

The Partnership is also proud to be involved with the community, with an annual Care for Creeks Bursary for local schools or junior community groups working to foster awareness and involvement of our younger generation in caring for our waterways.  The Bursary, which includes waterway monitoring kits and training, operates in conjunction with a MyWater community portal allowing interested community members to collect and log their own waterway health tests to check the pulse of the local waterways in the Fitzroy Basin.  Discover the work of Fitzroy Partnership for River Health by visiting our website.