About Us


The Great Barrier Reef is a rich and diverse environment that continually challenges science to unravel its mysteries. Citizen science is gaining recognition as a means for public collection of valuable scientific information that can improve reef management outcomes.

Numerous citizen science organisations actively engage community members in scientific research across the Reef's catchments and on the Reef. These programs engage communities in collecting, understanding and applying scientific information from coast to coral. 

In 2012, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation funded a Reef Citizen Science Scoping Study. This identified the desire for greater exposure, engagement, and collaboration between citizen science groups and citizen science stakeholders.

The Alliance evolved as a response to this study, with the goal to support coastal and marine citizen science providers to work together with researchers, Reef managers and the community to tackle key Reef issues.


What do we do?

The Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance is a network that fosters collaboration, capacity building, advancement and action for citizen science that benefits the Great Barrier Reef.

Our Vision for the future is a resilient Great Barrier Reef supported by a network of sustainable, collaborative and innovative citizen science programs.

The Alliance aims to support:

Collaboration Enhancing the network between citizen science groups and with other stakeholders across the Reef
Capacity Building Providing tools, training and resources for citizen science practioners
Advancement Promoting and raising the credibility of coastal and marine citizen science
Action Using citizen science to strengthen the impact of local communities in monitoring, protecting, managing and sustainably using the Reef

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